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About Moses

Maps, design, and transit have always been something I’ve been passionate about. Originally from Los Angeles, I grew up taking public transportation everywhere in the sprawling city that is heavily dependent on cars. Public transit gave me insight to what life might look like without the overabundance of vehicles and the possibilities for those that did not have access to them. Moving to the San Francisco Bay Area only cemented my passion for transit and design with BART. When I moved north, it began a long-standing love story between myself and the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit, and all the other transit connections the Bay Area offers. At a young age, I designed maps that no one would understand unless you had the key to decode it. Now, creating my “Ride With Pride” design for BART, I’ve come full circle except my goal as a designer is to make design accessible for the public. No codes needed. 

I am currently the graphic designer at the new California Online Community College District. This opportunity continues to fuel my passion and drive for designing within the public-sector and helping those that have not traditionally been served with design created for them. 

I live in the unincorporated transit village of Contra Costa Centre and am currently a senior at California College of the Arts pursing a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration, as well as the graphic designer at California Online Community College District.