BART, community weareables (2018)

      This was a class project for a CCA Engage class that partnered up with a community organization. In this case it was BART. I was on a team with two other students. Our focus on the final project was attempting to get people to take ownership over their BART stations, and the system as a whole through swag with illustrations. We believe that if you feel like the system is yours, you will take better care of it and perhaps walk a little more to take our the trash in the appropriate garbage bin. 

      There was research done around the BART systems to get feedback from people and at the end of the class we presented this to employees at BART. They ended up purchasing the following designs I made: "OLD BOI/NEW BOI, Ride With Pride, and I Heart BART. The designs were used on different mediums like stickers and shirts with the potential of them to be used in the future on different items/materials.