Calbright College, diagrams (2019)

       The highlights of my time at Calbright College, in addition to all of the other design work I was doing, were creating diagrams based on conceptual models of how the college would function directly with the CEO and COO. The two that standout were the How It Works graphic and the Program Pathways graphic.


       Figuring out how the college would function from scratch was a difficult job for the executives. It was always changing based on who saw it and had additions. I believe I went through the most iterations I have ever done on a single graphic with this graphic. It was a challenge to represent how the college, employers, and students would fall into the business model of the college. Once it was finalized I was proud of the result. 


       The second graphic was less challenging but more intensive then the previous one. Originally it was a much bigger and complex graphic— but with the help of the team distilling what was truly important we now have this fairly easy to read graphic. The graphic represents the 3 different program pathways learners can take at Calbright College and how the Concierge (advising) services the college offered would fall in that pipeline.