I created 5 different maps for the various types of rail transportation in the Bay Area. One for commuter rail (BAER), one for heavy rail rapid transit (BARR), and two for light rail (City & Valley Rail). In addition to those four, the fifth and final map is the Transbay Regional Rail System Map which I used to bring everything under one map with details of San Francisco, San Jose, and downtown Oakland. The regional rail map would be put in every single station in the system along with the respective map of whatever system the station is on for reference. Please click on the maps to see a bigger image. 

BARR System Map


City Rail System Map

City_Rail_Final copy 4.png

BAER System Map

Regional Rail System Map

Regional_Rail_Final_Final copy REAL copy
BEAR_System_Map Final copy REAL copy 2.p

Valley Rail System Map

Valley_Rail_Final copy 3.png