As of February 2020, there are 27 different official governing transportation agencies within the 9 county San Francisco Bay Area. Within just one county, like Contra Costa County, there are different operating bus agencies depending on where you live (AC Transit, WestCAT, County Connection, and Tri-Delta Transit). There are political reasons why transportation in the Bay Area is complex, but the politics of transit is not something an every-day rider on any of these services

cares about. They care about getting from point A to point B. Having so many governing agencies creates a lot of issues that could be avoided if all of them worked as one. Dealing with transfers is one of the biggest pain-point so are inconsistent fares. While Clipper is a step in the right direction, it is not the ideal solution.









Moses Maynez, 2020

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       To fix this incredibly complex tangled mess requires a lot more than what we can do at this time. My goal is to create a visual world where every one of those agencies is re-branded into one governing transportation agency. This is a look into an alternate future with existing future plans of rail lines materialized. I want you to visualize a place where transfers between multi-modes of transportation are seamless and planning a trip through transit makes sense and is not a headache. I, along with many others in the Bay Area, are envisioning this world-class transportation network. One that takes you seamlessly from point A to point B or point D to point U.


       Welcome to a world with the San Francisco Bay Area Transportation Authority or Transbay for short. In service of the residents of all 9 Bay Area counties with plenty of room to grow in Northern California.

This project is, in many ways, my love letter to the Bay Area — I made this for all of the wonderful employees of the various transportation agencies that currently govern the Bay Area. As well as for the people that are dreaming big and working towards the much needed improvements. The people of the Bay Area are forever indebted to you for your tireless work keeping us moving rain or shine.

— Moses Maynez

Seamless Bay Area

      On February 4th, Assemblymember David Chiu announced that he is introducing bold new legislation — sponsored by Seamless Bay Area — to create a more integrated and rider-friendly transit network in the Bay Area. With this announcement, there’s a lot to celebrate — and a lot of work to do.  


      Seamless Bay Area is a non-profit project whose mission is to transform the Bay Area’s fragmented and inconvenient public transit into a world-class, unified, equitable, and widely used system by building a diverse movement for change and promoting policy reforms.


      I encourage you to sign the petition to show your support of an integrated world-class transportation system like Transbay to our California state lawmakers. 








Vision Map    image: Seamless Bay Area








      Thanks for stopping by— I've spent the past year working on this project. Feel free to leave any feedback you would like.



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